green living

dezeen magazine just posted this today and i found it interesting. and while i wouldn't really consider myself to be an earthy crunchy person, i do my part for the environment. i recycle. i cut those tabs on 6-packs so little duckies don't get stuck. i don't litter. i bring reusable bags for groceries. but the green movement is getting bigger, and more popular (luckily), and rightfully so. it's only a matter of time until this fad becomes a reality we all must live with. and knowing it can be done as attractive as the following examples i just don't see how anyone could resist!

flow2 kitchen by studio gorm

the ethical kitchen by alexandra sten jørgensen

both are designed to use waste products to grow plants! who wouldn't want a cute little garden in their kitchen anyway? plants always make me very happy, i'm just not good at keeping them alive...

a great quote by jørgensen: "the intention is to make ethical living functional and more attractive whilst providing an understanding of how nature and consumption are connected." true true.

* for more pictures and information see articles here and here!

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