yesterday i was killing some time in borders, which i should really do more often, and stumbled upon Lofts Design Source. now i know it's just another one of those "coffee table" type books - mostly pictures, very little text. but i looked through the entire thing and found some really interesting spaces.

the most inspiring space i found, however, was the Flex Loft by Archikubik. here are some of the pictures i found online...



you're going to have to click to make them larger (yeah, i was too lazy to edit the ones found on their site) - but it's the middle picture of the 1st image that had me all excited. i won't be able to afford living by myself in this loft i imagine for a while, but when i can i'm definitely going to have furniture all low to the ground. i've had a bit of an obsession with japanese design lately. so many of my projects the last 2 semesters have been japanese inspired, and i even wrote my research paper on traditional japanese architecture and how it bridges man and nature. yikes! being in school i think it might be best for me to find another obsession to experiment with.

oh, and when i get that loft it's also going to be covered in plants like this...


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