patterned dress & matthew brookshire

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i figured why not continue with the trend i started yesterday - another dress that i can't afford paired with an equally cool song. i'm absolutely in love with the pattern. i'm trying to evoke some of the same playful looseness in my current retail project (failing miserably so far, but i'm getting there!). i've noticed lately that i'm drawn to blues and reds together. my room, my projects. unfortunately it's not just a spring habit of mine, although a light peacocky blue with a ballerina pink is absolutely adorable. gotta bust out of my color rut ASAP!

as for the other song i'm addicted to at the moment, i discovered matthew brookshire through pandora (on the ingrid michaelson station, but the lady gaga one is pretty kick ass too) and although i don't find the rest of his music that interesting, this one song is super cute. i especially like the line "you’re so sweet you give me pimples/ i could eat out of your dimples." makes me laugh. ok, so here it is, "i fall out"!

* the dress, the song

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